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The Outdoor Store


Introducing my newewst Lego project: The Outdoor Store! The outside contains a trash can, canoe, kayak, a textured wall that looks like a rocky cliff, and a detailed sign. The inside contains an aquarium, rope bridge, snowy mountain, sail board, inflatable raft, and merchandise.

Going into a little bit more detail, the bottom floor contains walkie-talkies, cameras, life vests, backpacks, shovels, brooms, axes, a trash can, and a small bathroom. Now going up, the second floor has various helmets, a kayak paddle, and the sail board and inflatable raft that I mentioned earlier. Also, the second floor contains a variety of shirts that are hanged up, and in the small chest facing the stairs contains a couple sets of binoculars. 

Over all, this model was very fun to build and would look great in any Lego city! :)

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