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O(+> and the Gold Experience


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The Artist or Prince was one of the most famous musicians in the world. His career started in the seventies of the last century, he scored great hits in the following decades but he sadly passed away in 2016. Of course it doesn't mean that he is forgotten! His music experience is still alive and fans all over the world enjoy his great songs to this very day. I am clearly one of the Prince fans!

I made a tribute to one of my favorite songs of Pr … hmm uh-uh … O(+>, in that period he did not go by the Artist’s name. One of my favorite songs of Prince is “Gold” from his album “The Gold Experience” (1995). He recorded the videoclip on a stage at his famous Paisley Park together with his band the New Power Generation (NPG). This build is a recreation of the videoclip of Gold. But that’s not all!

According to “The Artist” Gold would be the new “Purple Rain”. So back stage I have recreated the cover and promotional movie poster of Prince’s album and film “Purple Rain” (1984). After all, how can I render my beloved Artist into LEGO and not refer to his most famous song? I had to and I enjoyed it very much. 

The O(+> IDEA
This “O(+> and The Gold Experience” consists out of two parts: the Gold Experience (on stage) and Purple Rain (back stage). It has 2440 parts and 10 minifigures. So that’s the basic idea. Yeah, it’s still an idea and I hope y’all love it, wanna have it and support it!

On Stage – Paisley Park: The Gold Experience
The Gold Experience has almost all the instruments shown in the video: guitars, pianos, keys, synthesizer, drums and base. It also has four big speakers, two at the back and two on the side. These two hold up massive golden statues. Almost all the instruments can easily be removed from the stage. Only the drums are attached to the small stage.

A Paisley Park stage wouldn’t be alive if there were no NPG band members included! On the right we have Morris Hayes playing his keys. On the left there’s Tommy Barbarella and his keys, his keytar included! Behind him sits Sonny T on his blue couch with red hearts playing the base. On his left hand on the other side of the pathway you’ll find Michael B and his drums. Naturally The Artist comes up from the back and moves to the front where he starts to play and sing in his golden mike. The picture’s now complete.

Not entirely, to be honest. I have included Mayte Jannell Garcia with a “Symbol” tambourine. During the video she standing in front of the stage among the fans. I have not included general minifigure fans. And there’s a reason for that! Everyone who is in favor of this IDEAS project is a fan. And if he or she is not familiar with Prince yet, he or she is a “First Timer” as he would have called you. As I was when I went to a fantastic concert of The Artist for the first time. And that’s a true honor.

At the back of the stage there are golden curtains and they are opened. In the opening is a standard for the Symbol created out of plates. I have made it bigger than the one shown in the video so that it stands out and covers the golden wall behind it.

I have also included two minifigure bodyguards. These guys in suits could be placed in front of the stage  watching the audience (as they also do in the music video). 

Back Stage: Purple Rain
On the other side of the golden wall, back stage, there is a small building. It is the lodge from the cover of the Purple Rain album. It has a window, an open door and a staircase. In this small building is a light brick that can be switched on by pushing on the silver button in the left wall. In this way you can shine some light on Apollonia (Kotero). Together with The Kid (Prince) she played in the movie Purple Rain. In front of the staircase are The Kid and his purple motorcycle with smoke and all. You can also take the bike from the stage and let the Prince minifigure ride the bike.

The plates of the stage are supported by several thick block structures of the classic LEGO bricks of four by two and plates of four by four in order to make the interior massive and steady. They function as sturdy pillars. These structures come in black and purple.

The Kid (Prince)
Tommy Barbarella
Michael B
Sonny T
Morris Hayes
Mayte Jannell Garcia
Apollonia Kotero
Bodyguard 1
Bodyguard 2

Why support and why a LEGO IDEAS set?
This project is still an idea and as you may know 10 000 supporters are needed to turn this idea in a real Lego O(+> and The Gold Experience. It be would be a must have for everyone who loves Lego and everyone who loves Prince and everyone who loves music. Since Lego has also taken up instruments, maybe it’s time again for some Music Legends as well! Those that really knew how to play these instruments in a way we will never forget. Prince was definitely one of them! It would also be great to educate a new generation of young Lego builders in a playful way about The Artist, about Prince. Old school and new fans, all over the world, will definitely try to get a piece of Paisley Park in Lego bricks into their homes.

So if you say, yes this "O(+> and The Gold Experience" should become a new LEGO IDEAS set, please go for the Gold Experience and become an official member of the New Power Generation by hitting the support button! And leave as many comments as possible! It doesn't matter if you are a First Timer!

A great thank you from a O(+> fan

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