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Remote Yeti's House


Dear LEGO guys and the entire lego.ideas community - it is a great honor to show you my first custom lego set which I've built for my 4-year old daughter (I'm really jealous that she has Minifigures series now and I didn't when I was a kid)!

As i always do I used only regular parts from my old 1980-90's and some from my daughters modern sets - I think this would be more cost-effective for LEGO during their review if I am lucky enough to make it up to 10K supporters!

The Yeti is a very discreet forest dweller - the design of his remote house easily blends with the scenery, so no poachers or other very anxious annoying people may find it! It is folding (maybe i'm wrong with the term - but it actually opens and holds on 2 hinges) house and has 4 fully-equipped rooms: 

- a tiny kitchen with a stove, a drawer for yummies, a shelf for his favorite cow milk (not some soy milk-like drink), a knife holder and of course the selfie-mount for taking pictures of his parties (though its a pity that sometimes those parties may be pretty lonesome)

- a living room is nothing without a foldable laptop mount (the Yeti always posts his new selfies on his social network account), a nice chair to seat in and some drawers and a clock

- the dining room is a one-seater (poor lonely Yeti) and has plenty of space for him

- a bedroom next to the oak club holder (feared weapon among forest creatures and lonely wanderers)

- and we shouldn't forget about the large barrel on top of the house - it is the Yeti's bath!! The rain water fills the barrel and then he can wash himself or just chill during a hot sunny day)

The whole design of the house is very minimalistic in order to fit on a 16x8 plate, but it has all needed for a long lonely life in the deepness of the forest. It consists of 120-140 parts but many of them are just round 1x1 round parts of flowers (wanted to add extra cosiness and detail to it).

The Yeti nutrition is very different - he grows veggies at his garden, hunts, sneaks into the cowshed of farmers and milks his milk.

Warning - if you see the club holding in the second floor passage that means the Yeti does not want to see any visitors!

Please enjoy - i hope you guys like it!