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HI, I have ben working on this project I he is named Destroyer, it is a reliable sturdy Hero Factory robot. His back has a dragon scale on it.  All of his armor is blue. He has arm shields, lasers , shockers and armor pads. His legs have spikes and armor pads. His head is blue and he has green mask that moves up and down. His front gray chest plate has the Hero Factory logo.  Additionally the chest plate has fingers shield the Hero Factory core.                                                                                                                                                       

His purpose is to save and protect people from bad guys and nasty bugs. He goes all over the universe fighting many things. He'll fight until the end. Destroyer will fight anything, even something 10x his size.  He rarely loses to anyone or anything! Once he KO's his opponent he them back to Hero Factory Headquarters on Earth to put them in jail.

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