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Dragonhill Knight's Fortress


This is a Medevil project I thought that I should do. It is a knight's fortress at the foot of a mountain called Dragonhill. Nearby is a secret hideout of the evil knights in a cave behind a waterfall named Illweather. They are planning an attack on the knight's prison with their flick missile projectiles at hand. The knights must fend off the siege with their own strength of axes, crossbows and shields. The project includes a small castle build with a table and two treasure items and a double flag on top, a knight prison with double flags on the higher end and a single flag on the lower, a cave with an arched entrance and waterfall, a flick missile vehicle, a black horse, a white horse, a wooden crate, a wooden chest with treasure inside, two swords, an axe, a spear, a crossbow and a shield. The Minifgures include two good knights, a jailer and two evil knights, plus a skeleton.

This project offers a lot of playability with its three main builds. The castle is a good place to put your knights and make them prepare for battle. The cave is a good place for your villains to go to plan their scheme and store their stolen treasure and weapons. The prison is a good place to put your villains after the battle is won by the good knights. The cost of this would be around $20-$30 in my opinion. If you enjoy this project then please support and follow it. Thank you for your time, and goodbye for the present!

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