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Supermarket with Hardware Store & Post Office


Only 35 days left

I'm very grateful to my supporters of this project both times round. Sadly this is way short of the mark and soon be gone. Down the track I'm planning a new one of these as my final ideas project. Please keep those supports and follows coming in anyway and thank you again everyone.


This is what I might base the reboot of this project on.

It's an IGA supermarket and CRT rural hardware store in country Victoria judging by the photo.

So what does everyone think ? 

Too much, it will have clear windows so you can see inside.

Please leave comments if you like thank you and Brick On ! 



A new year and new hope for this and my other projects.

Please feel free to comment on any of them if you feel they could be improved, suggest away everyone !

Brick On Support On everyone and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !  


The rapidly falling support count.

On it's first day back, 61 supports, but then day two 20, day three 10, day four 8, day five 6 and day six 4.

It's not looking good for any of us resubmitting an idea, it's sad but I will only be resubmitting projects if I have promised to do so in the last few months.

I hope the world can prove me wrong so please keep supporting & following, thank you and Brick On everyone ! 


Fresh front view of the store.

Fresh front view, more soon keep watching, please keep those supports coming in.

Brick On everyone ! 


First update.

First,  the Australia Post sign is up on the front.

Second, a close up of the hardware section.

Please keep those supports and follows coming in if you want to have this in your town or city.

Brick On everyone ! 

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