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KEEP's Home Planet of Unthulgrog

KEEP Is a character that my friend and I made up.  He got his name because he always appreciated little things like rocks, shells, and just about any interesting thing he could find on the ground that was free to keep that no one else wanted.  
He was born on Unthulgrog  (oon- thul- grog), a rundown planet far away from Earth.  Similar to Earth, this planet can support life, but it is a miserable place to be.  It is often very hot and humid.  At this time, a nearby planet noticed the weakness of Unthulgrog, and decided to invade.  In the picture, we can see KEEP trying to flee his planet and run away from an invader.  Many years later KEEP will find his way to Earth after getting picked up by a salvaging spaceship that will come to see if there are any spare or broken parts that they can pick up and collect after the invasion.