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Jim's Tour Cart


Jim’s Tour Cart

 Jim always loved showing people around. One day Jim thought about opening up a business as a tour guide in his city. The idea took off and he makes his living giving people tours. His company has a special deal with some of the biggest factories that people are interested in seeing. Jim needed a special type of transportation that allowed him to not use a lot of gas. He needed to be able to take people indoors without driving his famous tour bus.

The tour cart was his answer. The tour cart is designed to be open so passengers can see the sights without dirty glass. Passengers can smell things on in the tour. The roof protects passengers from rain and too much sun when it drives around outside.

The tour cart seats many passengers comfortably and two people can sit on the back seat for a special tour experience. Jim found that he loves how quiet and smooth his cart is. His passengers also enjoy the ride. Jim has a blue radio that lets him know when a group of passengers is ready for pickup. You can see in one of the pictures that he enjoys what he does. 

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