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Greenhouse Attack


Escape from the crazy greenhouse and stop the giant man eating plant!

The hero and the old gardener were in the greenhouse when a chemical spill caused a venus flytrap to mutate into an evil, man eating monster! Use the rope to pull the gardener out of the monster's clutches, then attack with the plunger, pitchfork and paintball gun! Grab some water from the tap outside, and mix up a chemical solution at the work bench!

Set will include:

          Giant plant

          Two work benchers

          A garden bed of interesting plants

          A vine-covered wall with sloped roof

          Tap on the outside of the wall

          Chemical bottles and pots for mixing

          Two minifigures:

                    The hero

                    The old gardener

          Tools including: plunger, rope, paintball gun and pitchfork 


Please support and comment on how you think I can improve this project. 


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