The Tenth's Doctor's Tardis

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This should be a great addition to the LEGO vault. Doctor Who! For all those Doctor Who fans out there, I know you want this idea made a reality.
This model is a small replica of the inside of the Tardis. It includes The Tenth Doctor with his coat and his trusty sonic screwdriver! This set features the TARDIS control panel with a lift feature that lets you look into the time vortex! It even has The Doctor's hand in a jar! The actual blue box is attached to the front with the Tardis key in it. The Doctor's coat is a custom piece that I made myself. Please vote if you want this as a set! I will upload more models, but I have to make them first.

The Doctor with his sonic screwdriver.

The control panel.

The Doctor's hand! (lost during a swordfight with a cicorax).