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Linimo:Japan Maglev Train


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Linimo is a linear motor car doing the only commercial operation in Japan now. During the 2005 Aichi World Expo, built as a means of access to the venue, in the last year 2015 it was celebrated the opening 10 anniversary. The biggest feature of Linimo is to run floating. Has been adopted method called HSST, because of the friction is almost zero of the rail does not have a wheel, and then very quietly traveling. In addition, hill-climbing performance, has excellent acceleration and deceleration performance, maximum speed at the time of the experiment is how to record the speed 600km, considerably faster than the maximum speed of 100km per hour and the general train at the time of sales.

But is the future of the vehicle "Linimo" with such a great performance, after the World Expo closing becomes the number of users significantly less than the forecast, in this state has been said to be or not to become a waste line. If you wait too long and there is no such a great railway, to Linimo is very disappointing as I live just around the corner through which, is also unfortunate that Japan would run out of one of the techniques to be proud of in the world. So, I was considered to be nice I could contribute to the revitalization of Linimo through this project. If at the time of this project has been commercialized, we would like to donate a portion of sales to Aichi Rapid Transit's doing the management of Linimo. Also, my favorite Linimo, the vehicle Linimo of Japan to be proud of in the world, the world of the people as a set of LEGO is I think also very nice being able to get.


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