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Wyvern rider


Pieces: 102 (for the wyvern only)

Minifigures: 1 knight

Wyverns are mythological creatures that resamble a small dragon with only two legs that have a very ferocious behaviour at their wild state; but if trained since they hatch by knowledgeable knights, they make for incredible mounts.

These creatures can fly at incredible speed across the kingdom and they are feared by all enemies on the battlefied, due to their ability to swoop down and abduct any soldier within seconds.

Background aside, this is a small and simple set ment to be a cool and unique addition to any castle/fantasy themed collection, the wyvern has plenty of articulation provided by the miniature ball-joints that are heavily used in the "Mixels" series; the knight sits on 4 studs at the back of the creature and can easily be detached.


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