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City Library


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Here is my second modular building! The Lego City Library. This building can be used as a corner building (if you don't want a second sidewalk) or a central one. Like the Lego Creator Expert Pet Shop. If you have created your own building and it has some extra space on the sides then the Library wound fit nicely with it. That is what the 'additional bricks' image is for. I have tried my best to make this look like a modern building with a little bit of a rustic look from the inside.

The first story has four bookshelves and one giant one in the back of the building. There are some ribbons on one of the walls and some extra books on a table. 

The second story has three computers and a children's section. There are some chairs by the large windows for people to sit down, relax, and read.

The roof has an opening skylight to allow even more light to enter the building

Have any suggestions on this building or for future creations? Would you like for this to be part of your city?  Please comment and support for more creations!

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