Product Idea

The Bricktown Mill & Bakery

If you happen to head out to the country side make sure you stop by and visit the old Bricktown Mill and Bakery -  the best place to get fresh LEGO baked goods. It's a working mill, so turning the crank at the back spins both the mill wheel and the giant vat inside that grinds up the flour. It takes more than just flour to bake bread though, so the miller and his wife (the baker) also keep some chickens to produce some farm fresh eggs! The old Bricktown Mill and Bakery is a great outing for LEGO families looking to pick up cakes, cupcakes and cookies for special occaisons while learning about country life. 

This model features two levels with lift off technology. The downstairs includes Technic gears to power the mill wheel and grinder inside. There is a door on the left side to allow better access to the lower level. The upper level includes a baker's oven with a light brick inside, a counter full of tasty cupcakes and cookies, and a new sticker to advertise their fresh baked ginger bread. Other accessories include a pickup truck for when the miller and baker have deliveries and a chicken coop with two lego chickens. 

The sign out front is another new sticker so everyone knows where they are when they come to visit. 

Also included are five minifigures: The miller, the baker, and a father with two children - who are visiting the bakery to pick up a birthday cake!