Star Wars Corellian DP20 Gunship

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The Corellian DP20 Gunship is a fast attack ship from the Star Wars universe. It has not previously been made into a Lego set, so this would be a first and a great exclusive set.

The Gunship is loaded with details. The nose cone can be removed from the ship, and the two passageway sections can be opened to reveal a speeder, a crate, and four concussion missiles.
The middle section of the ship can be pulled apart revealing an interior section that slides out of the ship for play.

The concussion missiles are loaded in the top of the main engine and then drop out when the orange tab is pulled down, much like the bomb feature in the 9495 Y-Wing.

The two other engine compartments open to reveal an engine control area and a rack of tools, a crate, and an R5 series Astromech.

So that is all the features of the Corellian DP20 Gunship, please comment and support if you like and don't forget to look at my other projects.