Product Idea

Halloween - Pumpkin Man's Evil Lair

Please note that only the renderings represent the complete model.
The short movie is of a partial build of the model to showcase the moving parts.

About the design

After having designed a robot and several cars using Lego, I was looking for a new challenge. So I chose to find an interesting building to recreate using Lego. That is when I came across the website Untapped Cities, where I found the NYC Farm Colony that has a lot of interesting buildings. The one that caught my eye the most was the ruin of the dormitory building. During the design process, while adding a new interior, it turned into a two-story farmhouse. At that moment I just did not know what to do with the storytelling, so I let it rest.

Half a year later I got inspired by watching the TV show Lego Masters. I took a fresh look at the farmhouse. Then I had the idea to make the Halloween Pumpkin Man's Evil Lair. Somehow it then went full circle and I decided to destroy parts of the farmhouse, so that it would be a ruin of a farmhouse. Having designed the whole house first, really helped to make the ruined house look more realistic. All in all that is the story on how the Halloween Pumpkin Man's Evil Lair came to be.

The model has a connected conveyor belt and logo, these can be either driven by the m-motor or by hand to make them move. When you open up the model, the central command room is revealed. The Pumpkin Man can get away from trouble on the Howler motorcycle and jump off a moving wall that acts as a ramp. For any one playing for the good side there are a lot of obstacles to overcome to infiltrate the Pumpkin Man's Evil Lair: cameras, lasers, scarecrow guards with paint-gun gear and The Pumpkin Man himself. So all in all, there is a lot of playability in this model.

Storyline in three parts

I – Jack O’Lantern turning into the Pumpkin Man

It was the night before Halloween. Jack O'Lantern was pacing in his home on the other side: "Why do I just get one night to be adored, just only one lousy night, I want more, more, more!" he said to no one in particular. So he was quite surprised when he suddenly heard a hollow voice coming out of nowhere saying: “Thank you for calling the Keeper of the Veil hotline. We have granted you the Gold Key, this grants you infinite time in the real world. There is only one catch: you can only keep the Gold Key if you reach a total of one billion followers on earth (currently stuck at a lousy 305 million) before the night is over at six o'clock in the morning. Not meeting these requirements will result in you being directly returned to the other side!”

At six pm the following day, the evening of Halloween, Jack O'Lantern stepped through the veil into the real world. There he stood, on the top floor of the abandoned farmhouse he had found last year. A perfect lair to execute his cunning plan to gain more followers. From now on, the whole world would be painted orange! This was sure to go viral! So he reached into his mouth and took out his magic glowing coal and dropped it into the silo of Pumpkin Soup. The soup glowed and thickened in a few seconds to become Pumpkin Paint. And without the light, he was no longer Jack O’Lantern. So from now on he would be known as the Pumpkin Man.  All he now needed to create more paint was to steal lots and lots of pumpkins. So he set out with a Gang of Scarecrows to go and reach one billion followers and paint the world orange! Whahaha!

II - Villagers Revolt

Hank Frost lived in an abandoned warehouse at the edge of a small village. The villagers knew him well, and also knew they could count on him when feeling ill, due to his great knowledge of useful herbs. And when needed he could perform a spell to help you sleep better at night. In the village he was known as the Good Sorcerer, or Sorcerer Frost, and had the looks to prove it with his white mustache and short beard.

All the pumpkins of the villagers were being stolen, something had to be done! In a village meeting it was decided that Sorcerer Frost had to get rid of the Pumpkin Man. So Hank gathered two of the bravest and smartest villagers to accompany him for a cunning attack. The brave Tammy O'Connor, who had just returned from a climbing trip in Machu Picchu, Peru, and her best friend, Elora Channing, a timid but determined tech wizard. She keeps her head cool in a crisis and really knows her hacking stuff. Elora and Tammy were then led by Sorcerer Frost to attack the Pumpkin Man's Evil Lair!

III – The origin story of the ghost Jack O’Lantern (adapted for this Lego Ideas model)

A couple of centuries earlier...

Striking a deal too good to be true
When Jack was just a young man he was known as Stingy Jack. A real miser, trickster and greedy thief. If he could steal something, he would. If he could trick and harm someone, he would. One day Jack went to have dinner at his regular restaurant where he met a mysterious man. The man would pay for Jack's dinner, if Jack would not harm any people for a whole year. To Jack this sounded like a sweet deal, who could ever know what he was up to during a whole year. So Jack and the man made the deal. Little did Jack know that this mysterious man, was none other than the All-Knowing Sorcerer Richard Channing, disguised as a distinguished gentleman.

Consequences of a deal gone wrong
Exactly a year later Jack walked into the restaurant and saw the mysterious man sitting at a table. When wanting to bolt back out the door, it slammed shut and locked itself. Jack had been up to all kinds of trouble last year. Tricking and harming people, stealing their pumpkins and so on, he was starting to get worried. When Jack sat down, the Sorcerer revealed who he was and that he knew everything that Jack had done last year. The Sorcerer got a firm grip around his staff, lifted it, and cursed Jack into becoming a ghost. Because of Jack’s year full of meanness and greed he was condemned to wander the earth, forever in search for a home, with only a burning coal inside of his pumpkin head to lead his way. This is how Jack became the ghost of Jack O’Lantern.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.