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Tony Stark's Malibu Point Mansion


This is Iron Man/Tony Stark's mansion in California. It has 2 floors, the workshop, and upstairs, the living room, gym, bar area and bedroom. The top of the mansion is open for accessibility and play, similar to the LEGO Bag End set concept. Under the bedroom, there is a ramp to access the workshop, and on the other side of the building is a pool.

In the workshop there is a hall of armor on the side, a kitchen, Tony Stark's wine cellar, a space for his car, mechanic equipment, the prototype of Captain Americas shield, seen in Iron Man 2, a blueprint of the buildings for the Stark Expo, also seen in Iron Man 2, the 2 mechanical arms powered by JARVIS, Dum-E and Butterfingers and much more.

The workshop is minifigure scale, except for Tony's car, but the top floor in just under minifigure scale. Since the Malibu Point Mansion from the movies is built on a cliff, the exterior was very hard, but the model would only have the top of the cliff, and the landscape around the cliff.

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