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Hospital Modular Building


Floors Tiled and Rooms Refined

Thank you to all supporters. 

Based on comments I have made a few adjustments to the interior of the building. 

Level 2 has seen the most improvements, with a maternity suite, along with a resting new mother and baby based on @MegaTinyClown's suggestion. Along side this room is a waiting area complete with vending machine (as suggested by @Nerpter77). Additionally this level has been witness too refinement and decluttering of the operation theatre with a more simple surgical boom and computer set up. 

Level , like level 2, has been simplified with the space opened up by redesigning the machines that accompany the hospital beds and changing the set up of the dividing screens. 

All levels now include fully tiled floors that brighten the spaces.


New Photos

x2 additional images


New Pictures - Minifigures Added

Added some minifigures to the building in addition to new rear windows in the operating theatre (level 2) and ambulance bay (level 1) for additional light to these areas. Thank you to all those who have thus far supported my project. 


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