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Wacky Races - The Mean Machine


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Hello and welcome to the world of the WACKY RACES. by the masters of animation ' Hanna & Barbera '

A brief history.

Produced in 1968 as a television series of 17 episodes, each episode had 2 different races, featuring 11 of the wackiest cars and their wacky drivers.

This iconic cartoon was my childhood favorite and being a big fan of lego, I thought it would be fun to reproduce all of these cars in lego, including their drivers and passengers ( where applicable ).

Most of the fans of this show, young and old, will have a favorite car or character, such as the  'The Creepy Coupe' and its drivers  'the Gruesome Twosome' or 'The bullet Proof Bomb' and its crew 'The Anthill Mob' , or the even more wackier 'The Convert-a-Car' driven by Professor Pat Pending ( cool name )... either way, all of them had their own level of wackiness.

Presented here is probably the most remembered car from the show, " The Mean Machine "  Made famous by its driver : Dick Dastardly and his side kick Muttley...( every time i write his name i can hear him sniggering ) .. These two being the villains of the show, never won a race !! always cheating and always failing, usually being caught up in their own mischief.

This car measures approximately 30 cm in length. and to give the feel of a cartoon , comes supplied with a small back ground as well as the removable characters.

I hope all who view this, like what they see..

Thank you for looking..

There are a few out there who know i have already made the other 10 cars and their occupants, and i think they would make a great collection. if produced separately..