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Tug Boat


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The idea behind this project was to make a boat in mini-figure scale, but to make it look as classy as the modular building series. I chose a classic tug boat as they have a nice look to them and a good size.

The set is a solid playable build complete with sliders underneath to glide on carpets but would hopefully still look good as a display model making it fun for all ages.

The set consists of 2 mini-figures and 660 pieces, so fits within a realistic price range for an ideas set. some colours shown are not available currently but colours can be changed easily without spoiling the feel of the model.

Not shown in the photos is that I would like a working winch on the back of the boat but string pieces do not work in LDD to demonstrate this!

The boat features no copyright material as it is based on an original design so hopefully this should help keep the price down and the set more accesible to everyone.

As always support is appreciated and look forward to hearing suggestions and comments, I will reply to everyone! Thanks for looking!

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