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The Knock-Brick Game


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First of all, I want to say that when I say 'Knock' in 'Knock-Brick', I don't mean anything violent. The game is simple and is great for kids, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on until a little before reaching the cave-man times.

     The rules are flexible, but the basic rules are as follows:

   1. There must be at least one crossbow (the Lego type that I made, which shoots small Technic bricks at a speed only enough to knock down a Mini-figure, and is not at all harmful to humans unless it's shot into the eyes or mouth. I say at least one crossbow because you can have at least two crossbows and two players to create a miniature contest to celebrate your birthday or to play with your friends when you have them at your house) and at least one Lego scene with at least two Mini-figures.

   2. The goal of the game is to knock off as many Mini-figures as you can from the pedestal. The bolts are Technic half beams and have to be at least 7M and can be any color.

   3.The Mini-figures are not allowed to be hidden or blocked completely with a wall or anything unless both sides agree.

   4. If agreed on by both sides, rounds may be timed, including the time it takes to reload.
There's a video here if you have any doubts, including on how to use it.


      So there are the basic rules. You can change them anyway you want, but if you're not playing alone, make sure that the other side agrees with the new change or changes in the rules. PLEASE SUPPORT!

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