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Rush Hour Puzzle Game

This classic tabletop puzzle game from the 70's gets a LEGO makeover!

Immerse yourself in the cute aesthetic of the molded plastic cars of the original by building them out of bricks. Then, set up the puzzle and slide the colorful cars out of the way so the red car can escape the traffic jam!

The instructions for this set would include a QR code that links to an inventory of starting positions at varying levels of difficulty. The brick-built puzzle card can then be built to match for the player's reference.

Includes a slot for the puzzle card, and a drawer for storing the colorful tiles.

I tested the build with an at-home prototype to ensure that the mechanics function properly, and was pleasantly surprised with the result. The cars are so satisfying to slide around within the grooves, which makes for such fun game-play.

The game board is 21x24 studs and the total part count is around 800, with an excellent variety of colors. Included are printed tiles for the Rush Hour logo, the Thinkfun Logo, and Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced labels on the puzzle cards.

Lend your support and spread the word to bring this classic to life in LEGO bricks!

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