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Blue Ice Dragon


This set is designed to be part of a series with the Red Dragon set I have already made.  Like the Red Dragon this set would be geared towards young children with a love of fantasy and mythical creatures.  This set has approximately 85 prices this Dragon is slightly larger than the Red Dragon but should still be fairly easy for young children to build.  I gave this dragon four wings and longer legs than the Red Dragon.

This build is a first prototype and may need a few tweaks before it becomes a set on shelves.  If this set gains support then I may update it to make some of the colors match better.

This is another set that could inspire young children and spark their imaginations.  This set with the Red Dragon that I have made could possibly start a new Lego series.  Please support this and my Red Dragon project if you want to see Lego Dragons to be on shelves.

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