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Mr. Gold's Palace

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This Palace is for the rare Mr. Gold, from Mini-figure series 10. If you happened to find him this will be the ideal dwelling. This set includes about 909 Pieces and is mostly Pearl gold. There are 4 Gold armored Knights That guard the palace at all times, They have fierce faces and are Proud to Serve Such grandness. If your Mr. Gold Ever gets hungry, There is a little feast table where he can eat at his fill! This will be the "Home Sweet Home" To your Mr. Gold, He'll agree with that too.

This is the Opening gate, Guarded by Our two Golden knights with Swords and shields. The gate opens and closes, But No threat will surpass these Brave ones.

Here is The little Feasting table, Full of many Delicious Items. Mostly Yummy Ice-cream! Lots of different cups just In case the Gold king wants to share to his beloved Servents.

As you can see in this larger photo, This is the Whole Palace. Not Much but Very, satisfying. There are the Two other Knights on the inside, Guarding the Treasure chests. Boy, would they love to get their hands on some of that gold that you can fill the chests with!

As you know, Royalty Or goldenty (Does that make sense?) Need The special seat. Ta da!! The Throne sits against the wall.

The Pointed Roof Bricks give it the Awesome Kingdom look, Nice and sharp! (Also a secret slicer!)

This Doesn't have to just be Mr. Golds, It can be anybody's. Yup that's Right ANYBODY'S!!!!!!!! Whoops!! Not Too loud!! You will bounce it off into space!!!

Looks like you already did, Fiddle bricks.

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