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Modular Lego Eames Case Study House #8


Change of the first photo

As I changed the first photo of my submission, I thought it makes sense to add the old version here. Would be happy to know which one you prefer...


The official Eames Foundation officially likes this model! Wohoooo!

I received the information, that the official Eames Foundation shared this model on Insta and Facebook. The Eames Foundation is taking care of the Eames house today, organizing tours through the museum and generally trying to keep the great work of the Eames alive. To my understanding, a lot of the members of that foundation are descendants of Charles and Ray.

I am super happy and proud and would therefore like to share an additional photo of Charles and Ray I just found:


500 Supporters!

This model gathered 500 supporters in only 24 days! Lego Eero Saarinen, a close friend of Ray and Charles, is dropping by and congratulating with a little gift: One of his timeless tulip chairs! Thanks again to all the supporters and please don't stop telling your friends...


300 Supporters!

To celebrate 300 supporters, I'd like to share a rendering that didn't make it to the top 15 photos that are allowed to be presented on Lego ideas, but shows the details of the steel beams under the roof quite well.

And here is also a link to a photo showing the original:

Case Study House 8 Steel Beams

Thank you for your support so far, please don't stop sharing this project!


200 Supporters!

Lego Ray and Charles are now celebrating 200 supporters (slightly delayed) and there are more news:

The surprise I wrote about in the last update, unfortunately had to be postponed, still it is not yet cancelled.

But the good news: I was finally able to design the Eames stool A in a way, that I am no longer embarrassed of it. The stool already occured as a table for the lamp on photo #9, but I found the old design too simple, to also present it in photo #4. However, I think the new design is good enough to be presented in this update and I will also include it in photo #4, when Lego allows me to edit the project again. 

More updates are already in progress...



100 Supporters!

The Eames Case Study House #8 already has 100 supporters now. Lego Charles and Ray are celebrating (me too, of course). Many thanks to all the supporters! 

I will use the update function to add some additional renderings in the upcoming weeks, as I think the 15 photos don't show all details of the house yet. Also, it currently seems like there will be a big surprise on the weekend. If that really works out the way it currently looks like, I'll go crazy (well, even more crazy than before)



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