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Witch Tree House


Thanks as always for the view, drop me a link if you have a project you would like my evaluation on.

Deep in the dark woods in a medieval time long ago, lived and old witch high up in the tree tops so they say. It is said she will grant wishes and requests, but there is a price that must be paid by you. She may send you on a quest to find some herbs and mushrooms from her garden below, do what she says and you may make it back out of the woods safe and sound.

I thought since one of my all time favorite holidays is coming up in Halloween in a couple of months, I would do a witch themed tree house in fall colors, complete with potions, a kettle on the fire, rats, a frog, a turtle, a bat, a raven high up in the trees, a broom, a black cat, hanging herb rack, all the things you may expect to find inside the tree house of a witch. I also did the roof to remind one of a witch's hat.

This build I rounded off at exactly two thousand pieces.

I think this set as the pictures show would display well in any Lego display, especially with the medieval theme in play. And since there is and interior to this build on main floor it has some playable features as well. It is by far my largest and most detailed tree design too date, as far as the actually tree itself.



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