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Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom!

"Deep within a bleak and dismal swamp, hidden beneath its murky waters, lies the headquarters of the most sinister villains of all time!"

What is a hero without a villain? Many times, a hero is defined by his villains. This has been shown several times through comic book and cinematic history. It follows then that in the Lego world there should be a wide range of various villains for our favorite superheroes to face off against.

Unfortunately, this is not so. Out of the 13 Lego DC Villains (not including henchmen), 11 of them are Batman villains. This is not to say that Batman’s villains aren’t cool, indeed, some would argue Batman’s rogue gallery is perhaps the best in all comic book history. But in a world where Lego versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Flash are available to us (Green Arrow, Lantern, and Shazam too, if you’re lucky), shouldn’t there be more villains from their different adventures? 

With this in mind, I humbly propose my latest creation, “Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom!”

There’s so much to this set I want to tell you about, but first lets talk about...


LEX LUTHOR - Adversary of Superman
Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Hey! He’s already been in a set!” and you’re right. But, he is also the one who put the Legion together in the first place, so a set without him would be in itself crime. This version of him though would be his purple and green jumpsuit, commonly seen on the Super Friends television show.

SINESTRO - Adversary of Green Lantern
Sinestro is an awesome villain and one of my all time favorites. He is considered by many to be one of the powerful villains in the DC Universe and one of the most important too. In this set, he would be portrayed in his Yellow Lantern suit instead of his older, blue and black suit.
His presence may also urge Lego to do a Green Lantern set as well!

CHEETAH - Adversary of Wonder Woman
Bringing some girl power to the table is the villainous vixen known as Cheetah. This villain has gone through several different versions through the ages, so I chose to with the current version, which I also find to be the most visually interesting.

GORILLA GRODD - Adversary of The Flash
Gorilla Grodd is a pretty cool villain and a whole lot of fun to watch if you’ve ever seen Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He has a lot of history with the Legion and Flash and adds a simian element to the ensemble, what’s not to love about that?

BIZARRO - Adversary of Superman
Yes! You too can now own a Bizarro minifig, person who can afford a ticket to Comic Con!
To keep the value of the original LE minifig from Comic Con ’12, the design for this Bizarro would be drastically different. Instead of a blue and purple design, he would have a dark blue and red look, also without the “Bizarro #1 sign”, harkening back to his look on Superman: The Animated Series.  

BLACK MANTA - Adversary of Aquaman
Finally we round out our gang with Black Manta. While he may look a little rough in the initial pictures I have posted, I urge you to look at the REAL LIFE mock up I’ve done and will be posting in the updates section, he looks much better there and I’m able to give him his neck piece, which I’m unable to do in LDD.

Well, you’ve met our cast, so why not take the TOUR now?

First I would like to note the fact that the set opens up right down the middle to allow for maximum playability and DISPLAYability.

THE HALL OF DOOM - The main room of the set, the Hall of Doom appears here as it originally did on the Super Friends show back in 1978. There are 6 seats along with a spot at the podium, giving you extra space for any other villains you want to add in, such as Riddler or Scarecrow.

THE TROPHY ROOM - This is perhaps the coolest part of the whole set. Here you will find artifacts and treasures from the Legion’s several missions and members. Heres a list of what you will find, see if you can spot them all!

  • Kryptonite
  • Joker’s Crowbar & A Green Batarang belonging to Robin
  • Sinestro’s Yellow Lantern Battery
  • Black Manta’s Spear
  • A Tank of Bane’s Venom and Syringe
  • Grodd’s Mind Control Helmet
  • Scarecrow’s Scythe
  • Captain Cold’s Freeze Gun
  • Merlyn’s Bow
  • A Piece of Brainiac
  • The Sword of Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Solomon Grundy’s Headstone
  • Deathstroke’s Staff
  • Professor Zoom’s (Reverse Flash) Mask
  • The Head of the Robot, Amazo
  • Cheetah’s classic mask

THE LAB - What is an evil lair with out a lab? Here, the genius intellects of villains like Luthor and Grodd are put to use to create their next diabolical weapon or elixir. A table also allows your villains to experiment on heroes or build robot henchmen.

THE CONTAINMENT ROOM - Built of Lead and sealed with laser doors powered by Red Sun Radiation, not even the Man of Steel could break free from these cages! Screens to the side of each cell show scans of their captives and report vitals.

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I’m NeverBrick and I’ll see you all at 10,000.
Keep your eyes peeled for updates in the coming weeks!

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