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Battle Racers


The next big thing is here and it's not an iPhone it's not a's Battle Racers! Battle Racers aren't your average collectibles. Each one comes with a car, a robot and a unique weapon for their robot to use. These silly creatures love to battle and race. They all have unique skills and weapons. They can be posed as a action figure or in their cars. Each car is totally different an all have weapons in their cars to help them win. Whether it's a death match or a Grand Prix they will always be ready to Battle Race! Which color is good which color is bad, you decide! Who will win the battle race, will it be blue, yellow, red or green? Robots or monsters?

I have been working on this for a long time because I really liked Mixels and thought Lego does a really good job on their collectables. Vote and help us get this dream to be real. If we can hit 10,000 votes Lego might make this into a real set sets today! So vote now!

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