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Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Modular


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This model is an idea on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, consisting of movies Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King.
The model includes:
6 small, but well-detailed vignettes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, with two models from each movie.
1. The Home of Bilbo
This is the small green house in the hill, that is the residence of the Bagginses, it has a chimney, and tree on top, and of course, the house.
2.  Attack on Weathertop
This is the iconic scene in the movie of the Attack on Weathertop, it includes the mountain, the columns, and small stairs for very small dwarfs!
3.  Orthanc
This is a small model of the tower in the Two Towers movie, where there is a big battle, like the other models.
4. Helm's Deep
This is a cute, miniature model of Helm's Deep, a castle-in-a-mountain, where there was also a battle. It serves as the final battle scene of the Two Towers
5. Minas Tirith
This is also a small model of a city in a mountain, Minas Tirith, this fortress is known for the mountain cutting through it.
6. Barad-Dûr
This model is also called the Dark Tower, and you can probably see why in the picture. It has lava on the bottom because, well, it's on lava.

The Minifigures: The most iconic figures in the Lord of the Rings, Gandalf (2 versions), and Bilbo.

I built this model because I like creating small, yet detailed Lego models, and, I really enjoyed making it!
This would make a great set because, it is an awesome display piece, and it is good for play too!