Product Idea

The Ultimate Board Game Mash-Up

Hey there I'm Zia and I'm a huge lego fan! I'm someone with creative mind. We all know how much fun building lego sets are but after we build them it just goes into our lego collection, we cant do much afterwards but I have solved this problem by combining my love for lego and board games together.
Introducing "The Ultimate Board Game Mash-Up".

This set contains around 800 pieces and is created on Lego digital designer. You can play 6 classic board games: Chess, Drafts/Checkers, Ludo, Snakes and ladders, noughts n crosses and solitaire! | 5 board are included (Chess and Checkers have the same board) | All 32 pieces in solitaire (also used in checkers)  | 16 pieces used for playing Ludo and Snakes and ladders | 5 noughts and 5 crossed are given | a lego build dice is there too | all chess pieces white and black. Now this will really entertain you. Build and play with friend and family and have fun!