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Over the Garden Wall


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Chapter One: The Old Grist Mill

Fans of the show will appreciate this homage to the first episode (or chapter) of the fanciful Cartoon Network event series “Over the Garden Wall.” At the top of the episode we meet Wirt and Gregory who are inexplicably lost in the woods. They quickly come upon a woodsman who is gathering fuel for his lantern. Soon, mysterious happenings begin to unfold.

In keeping with the spirit of “Through the Looking Glass” and the merry old land of Oz, “Over the Garden Wall” takes you on a fantasy adventure where nothing is as expected.

This set includes three mini figures (Wirt, Gregory, and the woodsman) as well as a dog (integral to the first chapter). The ever-present frog is here, too. The set also includes two small islands pieces (to suggest the much more grand forest element of the story) and, of course, the old grist mill.

Spinning the mill wheel causes gears within the building to turn and “operate” the woodman’s machine which, in turn, allows him to convert the edelwood branches into an inky black liquid used to keep his utterly important lantern lit. I could speak further on the set, but I think the pictures will tell the tale just as well.

Now, my wish list (and promises about updates): I’m on the look out for some better costuming options for Wirt and more appropriate headgear for Gregory (it’s supposed to be a tea kettle, not a fry pan, but I work with what I have.) If you have ideas, please let me know and I’ll do my best to acquire the correct pieces and make improvements. I’ll also be taking some time to (hopefully) create a solid version of the dog when he’s in his - shall we say - distressed state. And for devotees who are wondering, yes, I’m taking my time with the lantern too. I know the scene probably seems amiss without it, but it’s such an important piece that I want to take my time and get it right.

Thanks all for any and all support you can lend. I’m happy to read and respond to comments as well. I know there are a lot of fans of this show out there and I’m excited to connect with all of you.

Thanks again! 

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