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Yamaha xtz Paris-Dakar Ver.2020


Was in 1984 when Yamaha product one of the best motorcicle of all the times: the XT600 Z, a cross bike, used for long time in the most important world rally race the Paris - Dakar.

At the time I was only 15, and was dreaming all the time to ride this faboulous bike.

I was passing all the time drawing and drawing again this bike. at the time no internet, and the only chance was to see the motorbike passing in the streets

When there was the Paris Dakar I spend time to follow and read papers about the team who were used this bike.

Of course, for the rally, the bike was different, more strongest, more beauty..more everything.

for many years Yamaha made new models of this motorbike, but the first will always be the most beauty.

I have start to draw new model, mor biggest, more interesting..of course I am not an engineers, or did not have any experience in made design of motor, but was working n the base with my imagination

now i have the chance, thanks to you and your software to build the new Yamaha xtz for the Paris Dakar, in the version of the future, the not so far 2020

try to imagine all the babies, and guys that will play and dream of theyr adventure in the desert, or the country road or..why not, in big towns like the north america

the coulors of the first bike were white and red, black the motor..that why i have used the same.

if you like my projetc please confirm it, any suggestion is welcolme

good luck to myself


stefano lombardi

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