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Brick Fig Harry Potter


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      This is a giant Lego Harry Potter brick fig.It is the same size as Lego giant-man but is remade to become harry potter. It is 5 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide.It has 2 stickers one for the face and one for the house badge  and comes with a brick built wand. It is also great to put on your shelf with the rest of your Lego model!

            I love harry potter and Lego as a child so it was important to me to make this model.  After working hard I finished. The thought of a boy learning that he is a wizard and is going to a magical school always fascinated me. so I came up with the idea of crating a Lego Harry Potter brick fig. I hope that one day this will become a Lego set so the rest of the world can enjoy it as I have.