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Micro-Rockets Rebooted



It's Back! Micro-Rockets has been rebooted and is bigger and better than ever!

Micro Rockets Rebooted is a small but detailed little set that includes retractable tower arms, staging and a highly detailed mission control! Retract the tower arm, ignite the engine, and launch! First stage running out of fuel? Not a problem, just stage!

I built this micro set for children who share a deep interest in rockets, planets and space. It is fun and easy to assemble, perfect for children. What's more is that if clumsy children drop this Lego set, it's easy to reassemble!

This set is aimed at young children who love space and rockets. It is easy to build, easy to fix and is a fun design for the target audience.


*2 Staged Rocket

*Retractable Tower Arms

*Detailed Mission Control

*Easy-To-Move Launchpad

*Shrubs And Bushes Around Mission-Control 

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