Product Idea

Old Duck

The Old Duck project is based off o the ducks the the Lego company made before they made Lego blocks. When they made the ducks the carved the parts out of wood, body and head, left wing, right wing, base, all four wheels. Then they triple painted it and attached it all together along with probably two rods of medal to allow the wheels to spin. They also added a string so that little kids could pull it along behind them. The Ole Kirk would put it for sale in his shop. These ducks were mas produced in a few different shapes and a wide variety of colors.

I have replicated that iconic duck out of Lego blocks. This set is 107 pieces an would make a great shelf decorator. The set would be about 30-40 US Dollars and is really easy to make. Children and adult would probably both like it and I don't think people would need to buy more than one model.


I hope you like it please check out my other project.