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Quack Quack!

What Is It?
Get your zappers ready! Introducing the Duck from the classic 1984 game duck hunt which was available on the NES entertainment system. The duck is fully built out of lego but even tho this is a popular character from a game this isn't for playing but even better collecting!

Why Did I Make It?
I made this set to show honor to the people who made duck hunt, Shigeru Miyamoto and Hiroji Kiyotake
for bringing us happy memories with this game and having this game in our childhood.

Why do you think this will make a great set?
I think this will be a great set for people who grew up with the game. This set will also make a great reminder for people who grew up with this game. And even if someone did not grow up with this game I believe they will still enjoy this set in their collection or for decoration.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my set and I hope you will support it too.

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