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Dabotap the Korean stone pagoda - Architecture


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Dabotap is the stone pagoda which located Bulguksa temple in Korea.

The pagoda have been built in AC.751.

It is most popular pagoda in korea because of the head of the korean coin has been cast the Dabotap.


This pagoda is a representative special-type pagoda. The uniqueness of Dabotap Pagoda can be found at the structure of each part. In the whole figure, 2-story rooms as pagoda body stand on the platform, and head decorations are on the top. The planes are cut to be square at the platform, and octagonal at the parts above it. Uniquely, it seems that there were stone staircases with guardrails on the four direction of the platform. But only stone pillars are left on both sides presently. They built the octagonal pagoda body after surrounding square guardrails around it. And they carved octagonal guardrails, bamboo joint-shaped stone pillars, and sixteen pieces of lotus flower design on the pagoda body. The skill is so excellent that we can't imagine they carved from stones. ( )


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