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31400 Floating Hut on the Sea


             Hello again guys and today I give you my latest Lego model that I make using LDD. It is a hut that can be opened(Using hinges).The hut contains 31400 dollars! AMAZING and WOW! In the story(again), The hut is floating on the sea, but it's flying too!The floor of the hu is made of 100 dollars, the walls has 100 dollars hanging and the front door has 100 dollars hanging, and the weidest thing is that the roof are made from 100 dollars too!There are 711 pieces for this model(so many 100 dollars(2x1 tile).Why I make this is that This one is unusual,new creation,and for me it's great for me to make that.

            I always want Lego to produce house sets that is made of 100 dollars 1x2 tiles. But, why don't I make it by myself? By The Way, the reason why I want or know that this is worthed to be a new Lego Ideas Set is because that unusual,never been made,and not a very easy set to make or a very hard set to make. It's stabilize by the content and how I make it. Not a too much pieces  of the set or a too little pieces of the set. Please help me by clicking with your mouse that bick support button and thanks for visiting my creation here!

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