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Mad Magazine

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The LEGO Mad Magazine Project

This scene of Spy vs. Spy inspired by Mad magazine includes mini-figures of Alfred E. Newman and both the Black and White spies. This epic and hilarious battle between the two embassies contains Black Spy's  robot and White Spy's desk full of "secret" files, as well as a neutral space in the middle. The mini-figures are competed with individual holders and accessories for detailed fun. This set also contains two remote-controlled robots from both spies: a pig and a dog (it's a classic!). The project would also contain White Spy's counter with a poisoned drink for Black Spy. Black Spy's radioactive table would also be included. White Spy would also have his mail next to the door with a "special gift" from Black Spy... Note that both embassies' walls are drably beige. This would give a clue that both bases are covered with old broken bricks. To not make it un-obvious, both buildings have signs that say "SPY" in big bold letters and in different colors.

                                                                      The Box

We propose that the box would shine down on the middle space and having Alfred E. Newman in the middle and both spies on his sides. We also suggest that the back of the box be separated in two and show a spy planning evil deeds on the first side and the other spy working on the second side. Since Mad Magazine is funny ( an understatement), it would be a good idea to hide Alfred E. Newman on both sides, for example: behind a barrel ( always smiling with his holed mouth, of course).


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