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Imagine racing thirteen feet above the Earth's surface in this futuristic hovercraft. This one man vehicle can transport cargo or be modified to fit two mini figures with the storage bin removed. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back from using this as the perfect get away vehicle, Galaxy defender, or high speed thrill ride.

What young child doesn't like futuristic vehicles that travel at super fast speeds. This compact hovercraft is influenced by Star Wars pod races. It has under 100 pieces and is simple enough for the youngest Lego builders to be able to construct but has enough design details in the exposed engine, landing pad and stabilizing wings that flip out to engage even the most avid builders and collectors. 

I designed this hovercraft when I was only seven years old. I had played with one of my existing sets long enough so I decided to take it apart and change it up a bit. I loved playing with my Star Wars Lego'sbut wanted something that could be more universal in design. I thought this small but fun looking hovercraft could be used in many Lego settings.

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