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Lucky Chimney Sweep 2.0


Traditionally the chimney sweep is a lucky charm. So maybe for your own sake or as a perfect present to a friend, wouldn't it be great to build your luck out of Lego bricks?

My dad and I have build an earlier version of this model quiet some time ago. It contains basically parts of my older childhood collection of Lego. Therefore it was a bit edgy but in my opinion no less handsome.

Now I created a digital Version recently to make some improvements like the shoelaces, a finer button tape, more detailed hands with his thumb up, a collar of his grey shirt and more hair like hair ;-) etc.

The little guy comes with

  • grey, sooty socks
  • a big belly
  • a ladder to get on top of the chimney
  • a big red nose from the chilliness on the rooftops
  • a grey colored shirt underneath
  • his chimney brush
  • turnable head
  • and a charming smile!

My chimney sweep is a good companion for years now. It reminds me of my childhood and all the other times I was lucky. I would like everyone to have that feeling :-)

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