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Sonic's Modular Building


Yay! My first modular building. I was looking at some of the modular buildings, and many are good, but they follow the original methods. This one is much different. The set is more tile than building. The building is quite small and it needs support beams to keep the floors in place. This modular set also only connect on one side. It is not a corner piece or middle, but a piece that caps off at the end of a street. 

Floor 1: The first floor has a stair case walled off by the kitchen. The kitchen has all your basic needs for a proper Sonic's. the staircase is accessed on the side of the building where the sidewalk is.

Floor 2: The second floor is a Dance Studio. It again has another staircase leading up into an office. the dance studio has it's bar for dance moves and a table and chair for people to sit in when they get tired. 

Floor 3: The third floor is an office for Sonic's. It has nothing more than a desk with some papers and a chair. But this does have a balcony, which over looks the city skyline.

Single Fig: This fig goes into the office to work on some papers.

Duo Figs: These two go in the dance studio. The older one is teaching the younger one how to dance.

Trio Figs: These three are the waiter at the main part. They have roller skates at their feet, and even two of them have microphone on their hats.

The shrubbery over top the canopy is to add some more color to the city.

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