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This is an accident.

This interesting little set includes:

  • 2 minifigures (2 young men/painters).
  • 3 animals (a brown cat, hen and a rat).
  • 3 teddy bears.
  • a motorbike.
  • a lunch box, toolbox and 2 painter brushes (on the shelf).
  • a painting (on the inner wall).
  • 2 food advertisements and a warrant (on the outer wall).
  • a hand truck, 2 breakfast cereals, 2 pet foods, milk, cup drink, newspaper and a hotdog (inside the house).
  • a garbage bin, bottle, canned soup, meat, donut and a sushi (outside the house).

I built this little set because I think that is an interesting good idea.

I believe this little set would be a great set because it is really original, unique and creative. Besides, this little set also contains some cool printed pieces.

I hope that all of you will like this interesting little set.

Thank you.

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