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Pickup Truck with Boat


Hello fellow Lego Ideas Members. I introduce to you my next Lego creation. A Pickup Truck with Boat. This set comes equipped with one pickup truck towing a small sized boat with a yellow steering column and a small engine on the boat. This set also contains a dad and his son taking both their truck and boat to the lake to spend the day together fishing. The front end of the truck has two tinted headlights and one black vent. It also comes with a spare tire underneath the truck. At the back of the truck there are two red square taillights. There are two small sized tires included with the boat trailer. There are also two red taillights as well on the trailer. The windshield of the truck is also tinted. This set would provide hours of fun to anyone who has one of these sets and also much playability.

Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.