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Mr Beans Mini Mini


Here's a small simple build for Mr Beans Mini. This model was built for my seven year old son who's a big fan of original TV show and cartoon. We'd seen many other Mr Bean projects on the Lego Ideas site and felt that keeping the look of the original Mini was proving to be a real challenge, so we thought 'let's have a go ourselves!'

As he is seven, i've tried to keep the build very simple whilst still trying to keep that classic mini look. The roof and windscreen section is easily removable as it only sits on four studs under the front windscreen with the rear window sitting on tiles. This makes the placement of a minifigure inside the car very easy. The build is also quite robust and has not yet been broken by my son (yet!)

The set would also contain a teddy bear (which son mislayed shortley before taking these pictures).

Hope you enjoy and any feedback would be gratefully accepted.