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The Silver Arrow


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The Silver Arrow
A flying ship for Adventurers - Modular and motorized
In this video, you can listen to the music composed and performed by my brother Gilles Martin in the spirit of film music by Hayao Myiazaki

1889, somewhere here on Earth.
The famous flying ship "The Silver Arrow" crosses the world to discover new civilizations and the treasures they hide. On board, the intrepid Captain Theodore Rumblestone and his companion Irina hope to discover the secret of ether. Commander Ned Land, meanwhile, steers the crew firmly and fairly.
The captain called on 2 experienced vampire hunters Indeed, the quest for ether involves crossing the Carpathians and he does not want to take any risks for this new adventure. Van Helsing and Slice now protect the crew.

The ship is fully modular in few parts (like a modular building)
It's motorized with directly on-board motor : the two large high propellers, the low propellers, the central wheels and the rear propeller rotate using a chain drive.
With all the features, the flying ship contains 2480 pieces
A 30-piece plinth allows the ship to be placed and rotated independently.

7 figurines :
Captain Theodore Rumblestone
Baron Archibald Mac Clumsy
Commandant: Ned Land
Mechanic : Lionel Martin
Hunter: Van Helsing
Hunter: Slice

The presentation of this creation was entirely made by @Max Brich (on Ideas): he did a remarkable job on this project and I hope you will enjoy the film which stages this vessel.
This creation was made in full collaboration with Max Brich.

Real version of the Silver Arrow : it works !

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