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Airship One (Dirigible Balloon)


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Airship One

I decided to make it, as the closest thing lego has to an airship is the "70603 Raid Zeppelin". Its mostly for display purposes, but can interact with other sets such as the "Lego Architecture 21002 Empire State Building". Fun Fact: The Empire State Building was actually designed with the capability to moor airships to it on the 103rd floor, and actually did once! ( and


  1. Rotating / Moving fins to control flight!
  2. Able to be attached to display stand
  3. Two different mooring anchors able to be attached to the front
  4. Can attach to sets such as the Empire State Building

Additional Parts: 7 of the half-circle pieces could be included as additional parts, as an alternative to hollow area on the bottom which features the windows

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