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LEGO Town Palaces


Hi this is my new lego ideas creation!

It is compoused by two palaces.

-In the red one there is a pizzeria, on the ground floor, with a lot of accessories like the wood owen, the paintings and the pizzaiolo. On the back of the pizzeria there is the pizzeria stoks under a stair that are the entrance for the second floor where there are two man that are working to restructure the house; They are using a elettric saw to cut the wood axes and they have a tools table. On the roof ther is a water tank and an air circolation unit.

-In the orange one palace on the ground floor there is a stair and a door that is the entrance for the criminals room where you can find two criminal, a desk with a computer, a camera and a lot of money.
On the second floor I have created a gym with different gym equipment and the loker room with a sink.
On the third floor there is a zoologist study with a desk and a glass case with two spider inside and another one with a parrot.
On the roof i have built the air fans and a chimney.

-Beetween the palace there is an alley with the garbage bins and a wooden divider. 

-In this project you can find 7 minifigures: the pizzaiolo, two workers, two criminals, one bodybuilder and a zoologist.

I thank you for the attention and  support!  


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