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Garage Girls Concert

Let's rawk!!

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For your consideration, a fictitious all-female music group "Garage Girls" in concert. Let's face it, LEGO ladies deserve greater representation as do LEGO musicians. Here we knock out two birds with one rock concert. (A pun. Get it...?)

• Iconic musical instruments (all brick-built through LEGO Digital Designer).
• Instantly recognizable concert elements.
• Indoor/outdoor venue potential—create your own location.
• Terrific expandability (add your own stage pieces, outfits, seating, lights, speakers, fans).
• Detail-heavy because, hey, I'm a musician. Let's do it right.
• 373 bricks including diverse and unusual selections along with creatively adapted elements.
• No licensing required; reduced pricepoint.

• Classic red acoustic guitar and blue synthesizer for lead singer with microphone.
• Vintage white electric guitar played through 4x10" gold grill amplifier combo with electronic pedals.
• Double-cutaway bass guitar played through 8x10" red-light bass cabinet and amplifier stack.
• 5-piece rack-mounted drumset with independent kick drum and translucent batter heads, including hi-hat, 2 medium crash, splash, china and ride cymbals.
• Wedge monitors for each performer.
• Swiveling, free-standing tripod lighting tree with 4 stage lights.
• 2 subwoofer/speaker tree units with volume control on back, sturdy base with a wraparound subwoofer design.
• Reinforced steel stage with translucent "glowing" front lip.
• Studded drum stage accommodates custom configurations; 4-stud guitar stages provide angled placements.
• Grid-friendly footprints for baseplate mounting or freestanding play.

Give these ovacious performers a round of applause—and your vote.

Garage Girls publicity photo.

Left to right: Bass player with custom red-light amp stack and double-cutaway bass guitar; lead singer with classic red acoustic guitar and blue keyboard; lead guitarist with vintage white electric and gold-grilled combo amp; microphone and monitors included.

Drummer with 5-piece drumset including rack toms and freestanding kick drum, six vintage cymbals including hi-hats, crashes, splash, china and ride, extra sticks in bag, water bottle, swiveling drum throne and floor monitor.

Performance hardware: subwoofer/speaker combo towers with volume control, lighting tree with free-standing tripod and adjustable-angle colored lighting instruments.

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