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Make It Pop Auditorium


Make it pop is a hit nickelodeon sit-com. It is one of my favorite tv shows so i was compelled to make it into an actual lego set. The main characters formed a band called xo-iq. I would really love for this to become an actual lego set, so please support me! 

What I built is the main auditorium where xo-iq is preforming. In make it pop, this is where they usually preform. On the stage we have Sun Hi, Jodi, and Corki preforming, while Caleb is doing DJ things right beneath them. Behind the stage is a background consisted of see-through orange and blue bricks. On the sides of the stage are torches, used to add to the dramatic effect and the scenery. South of that, we have the seats where Ms. Diona, Mr. Stark, Jared, and Valerie are sitting. Valerie is a cheerleader, so she has pom poms. The minifigures in this set consist of Sun Hi ( the girl standing on the highest platform), Jodi (the girl on the left of the bottom platform), Corki (the girl on the right of the bottom platform), Caleb (near the turntable thing beneath the bottom platform), and in the background in the first row from left to right we have: Ms. Diona, Mr. Stark, and Jared. In the back row, we have Valerie.

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